SVINOV BRIDGE – the must-see attraction of Ostrava!

By the Kajman ©2020 (“Konverzace v anglickém jazyce, man!“)

Standing at the Svinov train station and looking up, I see the majestic architectural landmark towering over the train line. In the highly unlikely event that any of my friends came to Ostrava to visit me, the must-see attraction that I would want to show them would certainly be the Svinov Bridge – the most with the most. Not just a most, but mosty! Think about it. Have you ever stopped to consider just how many satisfied travellers visit it every minute of everyday? The numbers are mind-boggling! What a place to run into old friends or meet new ones! Or to beg, pilfer or prostlatise.

Oh sure, you might say, it’s nothing compared to Prague’s Charles Bridge, to which I would say, “Au contraire, mon amie”, it’s everything compared to Chuckie’s Bridgie. In Prague they have some statues, I get it, but those are really old and will probably be replaced as soon as the city has the money available. Also, no traffic is allowed besides pedestrians, and if you want to sleep under it? Way too much water! And you can’t swim, what with all those boats.

Here on the Svinov Bridge, or Paradise as I like to think of it, you’ve got permission for pedestrians, cyclists, cars, busses, trams… trains underneath! You won’t get lost there; not with all the signs, maps and electronic information boards. You can go up on state-of-the-art escalators and elevators to reach breath-taking views of the Beskydy mountains which you can see from behind the shelter of the well-maintained windows. There are even shops and services nearby. Really – what more could you ask for?

Some day, if I ever have some friends, and if they ever to come to see me in Ostrava, the first thing I’ll say is, “Come on, I’m taking you to see the jewel of the city… we’re going to the Svinov Bridge!”

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