The art of sport

30. 10. 2023


The European Section of the Pavel Tigrid Language School in cooperation with the Embassy of France in the Czech Republic and the French Institute in Prague announces the 6th edition of the international art competition on the occasion of the Day of Francophonie and 100 years of the Paris Olympics (1924-2024).

Competition categories:

I. 10-14 years old (elementary school, primary school and multi-year grammar schools)

II. 15-19 years (secondary schools, secondary schools and grammar schools)

The three best works in each category will be awarded. The three best art works will be divided into two categories:

I. drawing and traditional graphics

II. painting  


My favourite sport or athlete, sports legend, new sports in the Summer Olympics (skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing and breakdancing), decisive moments of matches, emotions in sports, fans, sports venues, sports equipment, clothing and jerseys. Create a poster, design your own medals, sport pictograms, commemorative stamps or coins, or capture Paris as it comes alive with the preparations and the Olympics.


Painting - tempera, watercolour, dry pastel, oil pastel, collage, animation, comics, collage - prolage, flylage, alchymage...

Drawing - coloured drawing, pen drawing, charcoal, red, pencil, marker...  

Printmaking - linocut, drypoint, print from collage, monotype, can also be spatial works - ceramic, wire or paper sculpture, tracing, etc.

Works (max. in A2 format) should be sent to:

Pavel Tigrid Language School, Gustav Kliment 493/3, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba.

On the reverse side of the competition work, please write legibly the following information:

■ Category, age, author's name

■ Name and exact address of the school (contact e-mail, telephone number of the author), title of the work including the name of the building that inspired it 

■ Name and surname of the teacher with whom the participant studies

Send spatial and transport-intensive artworks in the form of a high-quality photo (mobile phone is sufficient) in png or jpg format to the following e-mail address: 

The deadline for the competition is 23 February 2024 (the date of receipt of the works). The winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded on 27 March 2024 at 10:00 am in the foyer of our school. An exhibition of the competition entries will be open to the public until 28 June 2024. Winners and nominees for the exhibition will be notified of their success in due course by email. A virtual gallery of winners and nominees will be posted on the school website on the day of the ceremony.

The organizers thank everyone in advance for granting the right to use the works to promote the competition. Please note that artwork physically sent to the school address will not be returned. They can only be collected in person after the exhibition closes in June 2024.

Milan Medo's painting Věra Čáslavská - Descent was used for the promotional poster.

Useful pages for the Paris Olympics:


Sport has been depicted since antiquity and especially since ancient Greece, where it is directly linked to the creation of the Olympic Games. In the 19th-20th centuries, important artists have depicted sport in their works, athletes such as T. Géricault, G. Courbet, E. Degas, H. de Toulouse-Lautrec, H. Rousseau, C. Bombois, from Czech authors such as K. Lhoták, J. Kolář, J. Koudelka and others. Some of them in a completely unconventional style of abstraction, futurism, cubism, orphism, art deco. Inspiration can also be found in contemporary caricature, photography, posters, films, stamps and banknotes. You can conceptualize sport in an unconventional, abstract, collage, prolage, fly-fishing, alchemy, form of paraphrase, exaggeration, joke, cartoon, comic, etc.

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