English Department


English is one of the flagships of our school. A large team of experienced teachers will provide you with practical and fun lessons. If English is your first foreign language, you will reach C1 level at the end of your studies, almost equivalent to a native speaker. If you study English as a second foreign language, we guarantee you an exit level of B2.

But it's not just about the lessons. With us you can travel to the UK, take part in a wide range of competitions, have fun with a native speaker or take an international exam. We're all about developing English in a comprehensive and innovative way.



Bazalová Daniela, Mgr. bazalovad@jazgym.cz / 119 English language, French language

Brothánková Simona, Mgr. brothankovas@jazgym.cz / 114 section leader, class teacher 1. C English language, French language

Broukalová Karin, Mgr. broukalovak@jazgym.cz / 114 English language

Gardner Hana, Mgr. gardnerh@jazgym.cz / 114 English language, French language

Kocháňová Monika, Ing. kochanovam@jazgym.cz / 101 Head of School English language, economics

Krejčová Barbora, Mgr., Bc. krejcovab@jazgym.cz / 114 English language, German language

Lahnerová Lenka, Mgr. lahneroval@jazgym.cz / 109 English language, Czech language and literature

Plačková Jana, Mgr. plackovaj@jazgym.cz / 122 class teacher 1. A English language, French language

Štěpánová Petra, Mgr. stepanovap@jazgym.cz / 122 English language, German language

Řehová Tereza, Mgr. rehovat@jazgym.cz /111 English language

Tenglerová Klára, Mgr. tenglerovak@jazgym.cz / 119 English language, Spanish language

Vrbková Romana, Mgr. vrbkovar@jazgym.cz / 109 marketing team leader English language, Czech language and literature

Walker John, B.A. (Hons), B.A., B.Ed. walkerj@jazgym.cz / 109 English language, theatre


Our English language teaching is complemented by a wide range of activities. In particular, from Year 3 onwards, we prepare you for the Cambridge International Examinations through seminars. We offer two of these:

  • FCE (level B2);
  • CAE (C1 level).

Both are two years long, so you don't have to worry about taking the exam right away. You can take the free mock tests first. And when you feel up to it, you can sign up for a live session at our school. It's entirely up to you - you can attend the seminar, but you don't have to take the exam. But it doesn't hurt to take the plunge - the exam will open doors to a number of international companies and universities abroad, put a shine on your CV and replace one part of your GCSEs, the school English exam.

And it wouldn't be the right study if you couldn't excel in other ways. In addition to the already established English Olympiad, for example, we organise the Translation Tiger[id] competition, to which we invite the best translators from our high school. The challenges are tough - we translate mostly from Czech to English, essentially creating a whole new language. The best of us will move on to the higher round, where they will face the best from other high schools. The competition already has a tradition, and although it is challenging, it allows some great talents to excel each year. And they won't go unrewarded.

In addition to these projects, you can take part in the national Best in English competition (we call it "The Beast"), promote our school in primary schools as part of the European Day of Languages, go to a talk with native speakers, watch a theatre performance (or even act in one yourself in a school club), visit the Ostrava British Centre, spend a night at school with English films, order an English magazine or borrow a book in the original from our library. We work with the University of Ostrava, Oxford University Press, the American and British Centres and the Cloverleaf Language School. And it all makes sense - our graduates study challenging English programmes in Scotland, Denmark and Austria, travel the world and English is their daily bread.



  • Translation Tiger[id] - competition for primary school pupils


  • Presentation visit to Gen. Zdeněk Škarvady and Ostrčilova Primary School (selection of pupils)
  • Translation Tiger[id] - school round
  • Translation Day - OU competition
  • UPOL Translation Competition
  • Best in English - online competition, selection of pupils
  • Olympiad - 2 school rounds: listening and oral part, selection of pupils
  • November Open Day


  • Open Day


  • Participation in Scrabble tournament, Masaryk Grammar School in Příbor, selection of pupils


  • Organisation of an entrance test for future 1st ABCE pupils, processing of results, assignment of pupils to classes and study groups


  • Tandem teaching with a native speaker according to the permanent schedule within the Programme for the Support of Foreign Language Teaching in the Statutory City of Ostrava "Native Speakers in Schools"
  • Drama club
  • Registration of pupils for international exams
  • Issue of Cambridge certificates
  • Issue of pupils' magazines
  • English library
  • Administration of tandem teaching
  • Improlingua project
  • Discussions on current topics with Michael Elavsky


  • Discussions with native speakers according to the current offer
  • Lectures on study abroad according to current offer
  • Visiting theatre performances in English
  • Organisation of a trip to the UK