Five Reasons Why We Are Different

Poruba has many schools and perhaps the largest concentration of high schools per square mile in the country. So you're probably wondering what we have to offer you that's special. There's more. You can find a selection of five of the best here.

  1. We have LabelFrancÉducation, the seal of quality for our French branch. This means that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself values our French highly. Only five other grammar schools in the Czech Republic have the Label.
  2. Every year, more than 100 people take our international foreign language exam. The English FCE and CAE, the French Delphi, the Spanish DELE or the German DSD will put you among the world's elite - in prestigious universities and international companies.
  3. We regularly win Olympiads and conversation competitions, write successful essays, publish a magazine, debate sharply, represent the high school in video games, and do science. Check out our successes in, say, a literary competition or the School of Education.
  4. We go abroad to work and study. We've been to England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Austria, Germany and the Baltics. Our people work in Brittany, study in Dijon, make friends with our partner school in Limoges, soak up Christmas in Strasbourg and Vienna.
  5. You can go anywhere from our school. Our graduates study in Denmark, Scotland, France and at quality Czech universities. Humanities, languages, science, economics, medicine, law - there are Tigers everywhere who share a common language.

If you're still hesitating, check out what our cat Pavlína wrote about the gymnasium. And then just keep going...