Didactic Incubator

In cooperation with Mgr. Miroslav Slowik, Ph.D. from the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Pedagogy of the Technical University of Liberec, we implement workshops focused on developing competences. The purpose of the project is to improve students' communication skills, give room for their creativity and generally better prepare them for life and their future employment. At the beginning, the pupils work together in a community circle to clarify what they will work on together. Then it is up to them to divide and plan everything. At the end, they evaluate the result of their efforts together with their teachers. The final reflection shows that they perceive this type of teaching in different ways. Simply put, some pupils see this activity positively, understand the need for cooperation and are able to adapt to the circumstances. Others believe that they learn more by working independently. We believe that regular competency training will convince everyone that it has its place in modern education.

Didactic Incubator 20-21 April 2023

Students of class 2. B worked under the guidance of Mgr. Šárka Mižďochová on the project Urban intravilan and created a model of the city of the future.

Pupils of 2. A and 2. C had the task to observe them at work and document everything in the form of reports (written, audio, video) or interviews with pupils and teachers involved in the project. Interview with Miroslav Slowik in English, interview in Czech, reportage in Czech, reportage in English, audio reportage in English.

On the second day the pupils of 2. B and 4. E focused on the topic of social networks. They filmed interviews with pupils and teachers, created graphs and statistics, wrote reports in Czech, English or French.

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