History and Social Sciences


Social sciences have traditionally had a good reputation at our school. This is not only related to the content of the individual subjects (you will learn the basics of economics, law, psychology, history and philosophy, understand politics and learn how civil society works), but also to the many extracurricular activities that follow the classroom lessons. History field trips are taken, courts, archives, offices and other institutions are visited, where classroom knowledge is confronted with real-life practice.

Classical lessons are then followed by optional seminars, where you can further deepen your interest in one of the disciplines and prepare for the university entrance exams. We cooperate professionally with many of them (University of Ostrava, Silesian University), and therefore we regularly have university students come to us for teaching practice.

We are proud that our school bears the name of Pavel Tigrid. That is why we also try to commemorate his legacy through various commemorative events (most recently the international conference on the 100th anniversary of his birth, the Šifra Pavel Tigrid competition for schools and the public). But we do not forget about other big events (we participated together with the city of Ostrava and the MS Region in organizing the event SametOVA!!!, we joined the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic).

History is not just something distant for us, but we perceive it as an important part of today and of ourselves. It is a great adventure to dig into it and find out the connections. You can do it with us.



Batková Zuzana, Mgr. batkovaz@jazgym.cz / 104 3. E, section leader, school prevention methodologist history, German language

Hruška Jiří, Mgr. hruskaj@jazgym.cz / 118 3. C, marketing team member, library administrator history, Czech language and literature, media education

Mahdal Marcel, Mgr. mahdalm@jazgym.cz / 112 history, basics of social sciences

Maternová Šárka,Mgr. maternovas@jazgym.cz / 112 history, Czech language and literature

Mazurek Aleš, Mgr. mazureka@jazgym.cz / 113 history, basics of social sciences

Tomalová Jana, Mgr. tomalovaj@jazgym.cz / 112 basics of social sciences, Russian language, physical education

Tomeček Slavoj, Mgr. tomeceks@jazgym.cz / 113 history, basics of social sciences


Those interested in history will find a wide range of activities at our school. They can take part in historical and social science seminars, try to develop an interesting SOTC (secondary school vocational activity), participate in traditional historical excursions or participate in the preparation of events with a historical theme.

In Year I you will take a one-day historical excursion to Vienna and a tour of the monuments of Great Moravia. The former focuses on ancient times (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome) and Vienna as the capital of the former Austrian monarchy. The second excursion focuses on the earliest Czech past. In the archaeological sites of Velehrad, Mikulčice and Znojmo you will visit places connected with the existence of Great Moravia - the first state formation on our territory.

In the second year, you will visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and learn about Czech Gothic culture and architecture in the area of Kutná Hora and Bezděz.

Year III will offer you the opportunity to travel to Kroměříž and learn about a place that played a significant role in the revolution of 1848-49.

The most popular of the excursions, however, is the last one: the IV year traditionally takes a three-day visit to Prague! Prague is golden, and a stay there includes not only discovering historical monuments, but also visiting the theatre, galleries, literary or film lectures or unique objects that are difficult for the ordinary tourist to reach. There is much to look forward to.