School Parliament

Don't sleep in the cafeteria, run for student parliament!

Dear students,

If you care about how our school works and have the ambition to change and influence things around you, run for the newly formed Student Parliament elections that will take place in each class in May and June.

Candidates, put your name on the form by the May deadline to be announced.

Each member of the Student Parliament has the opportunity to take an active role in organizing school and extracurricular events, to address classroom, classmate and personal issues, and to bring ideas that will make our studies more enjoyable and our time at school more meaningful.

You will gain new experiences, expand your skills and meet new friends with similar interests. Get inspired and become part of our team!

Being in Parliament is a responsibility but also an opportunity!

Job description in Parliament:

  • Attending regular meetings
  • 45 minutes 2x-3x a month between 8:00 and 11:40
  • discussing current activities and issues
  • representing the interests, opinions, suggestions of your class
  • mediating information between the parliament, the class and the class teacher
  • putting in your own initiative for the activities of the parliament
  • an active, responsible and independent approach to the function and the tasks given

What do you get?

  • the opportunity for regular communication between the class, the parliament, the teaching staff and the management
  • support from the teaching staff and management in the implementation of school and extra-curricular events
  • new experiences, new friends