Active Citizens

Protecting the Climate

Since this school year, the school has been involved in the 1Planet4All project - Empowering youth, living EU values, tackling climate change supported by the European Union and its DEAR (Development Education and Awareness Raising) programme. The project is implemented by People in Need, Variants Education Programme.

We are still thinking about how to enable the pupils to put their knowledge into practice. We are proud to have won the opportunity for our school to participate in a project that leads pupils to active citizenship and teaches them to prepare meaningful projects for the wider community.

Through activities that lead to the implementation of a socially beneficial project, pupils learn responsibility and independence, the ability to respond to the needs of the local community and to work with local stakeholders and local government.

The 1PLANET4ALL – ACTIVE CITIZENS: WE PROTECT THE CLIMATE project includes a rich educational programme for teachers and pupils based on the Active Citizens methodology, focusing on climate change and its solutions.

The project includes mentoring support for teachers by experienced trainers, project workshops for students, public debates with experts and small financial support for the implementation of school projects.