Graduate Profile

A graduate of our high school:

  • achieves a very high level of linguistic competence in at least two foreign languages, also thanks to direct contact with native speakers and residence in a foreign language environment,
  • can find a job on the labour market in positions requiring above-average language skills,
  • obtain a general education forming the required basis for successful studies at all types of universities in the humanities, natural sciences, technical and artistic fields, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad,
  • can communicate in their mother tongue and in a foreign language - can express their feelings and opinions and present themselves and their work appropriately, know their strengths and weaknesses and know how to work with them,
  • is a free and independent personality, can cooperate, think critically and solve difficult tasks in a creative way
  • Finally, he/she has a positive attitude towards national and world cultural values, is tolerant of different traditions and customs.