Excursions are a traditional and important part of our school. Together with you, we think it is much better to get out of the classroom and into the field and experience first-hand things that we otherwise learn about only in theory at school. Field trips are thus included in every year of study and are organised within the framework of different subject departments. The main difference from foreign trips is that the teachers (sometimes in collaboration with the pupils) draw up the programme and are often the main guides in the field. On some field trips, however, the pupils also do a little interpretation. Mostly in the form of short oral reports (graded and given in private), which they present to the others. Most often, they go to historical sights (Prague, Vienna, Kutná Hora, Olomouc, Brno, Kroměříž, Znojmo, Mikulčice - Great Moravia), but outside the school, Czech language students also like to go (In the footsteps of Karel Hynek Mácha, literati of the Highlands, Opava of Petr Bezruč, Hašek and Borovský, through the landscape of Božena Němcová), geographers (geocashing and orientation in nature) or physicists (NPP ČEZ, Škoda Auto, Observatory and Planetarium Ostrava).

Excursions to specialised workplaces have a special character. We cooperate with a number of companies and institutions. We have a several-year tradition of mini-internships in media and marketing companies (Czech Television Ostrava, Czech Radio Ostrava, Czech Press Office, Impact Hub, VŠB-TU, OSU, Raynet, Radio Orion, MSK, NDM, etc.). This is done by having the students come to a selected company for a day of work, where they are involved in the normal day-to-day activities of the work team. This not only gives them a better idea of what working in the industry entails, but also gives them a chance to try things out. Of course, we don't just focus on the media sector. Some groups of pupils go on excursions to FNsP, to specialised workplaces of VŠB-TU, and regularly participate (as spectators) in court hearings. If we add to this a tour of the Moravian-Silesian Research Library, the Ostrava City Archives and the Silesian Museum, it is clear to everyone that we place a great deal of emphasis on excursions. We don't want the school to lose touch with what's happening on the ground around us and we also take advantage of the opportunities that Ostrava provides. Fortunately, the concentration of interesting companies willing to let us into their plants and offices is still high here.

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