Foreign Tours


As a language school, we of course organise trips abroad in several forms. You can go on a classic sightseeing trip with us, see London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, try some homestays and have fun with the locals. It's the perfect way to practice your language, brush up on your foreign language skills and have an adventure with your school friends. The German speakers have seen the countries of our neighbours, the Spanish speakers have seen Andalusia and Catalonia and the English speakers have not left a single part of the UK untouched. Sometimes different students go together - for example, German and French have already been to Switzerland twice.

A unique project is an exchange with our partner school in Limoges, France. We usually go there in March/April and enjoy the local environment for about ten days. You will experience every aspect of French life, from baguettes to local teaching. You'll make friends, get close to the culture of the country and challenge yourself to excel in the language. Twice in recent years we have been lucky enough to welcome Limoges students to our country.

We try to make sure that at least the backbone languages of our school have at least one trip a year. We like to combine city and country and pride ourselves on special experiences. To see where we have gone everywhere, see the attached picture.

Officially organised trips are one thing, but the school will also entice you to go abroad indirectly. France is particularly appealing, offering a range of study and work opportunities. For example, internships in Brittany are provided by the University of Ostrava, and we also have ambassadors at the lycées in Dijon and Nîmes. And sometimes we just go somewhere for fun - for example, before Christmas 2018 we went to Strasbourg. When the chance comes, we don't miss it.