A Little Moment of Poetry in the Big Break

In the spring of 2019, a new project was created at our high school. In the month of March, which is traditionally perceived as the month of books, we decided to rediscover and develop a love for poetry and literature in general. Every pupil and member of staff in the school was able to get involved. All they had to do was pluck up the courage to perform their favourite poem, prose text or excerpt from a play in 10 minutes. There were also those who were not afraid to present their own work. It was absolutely wonderful and exceeded all our expectations. We witnessed performances by individuals and groups, pupils and teachers, sometimes even together. No one was surprised that the school management was involved with great commitment. The performer‘s choices of venue, which corresponded perfectly with the text being presented, added a special charm to the performances. And since we are a language school, almost half of the performances were given in different languages. But the most beautiful thing about this event was not the realization that literature is not dead, that even today it has something to give us, but the fact that we spent more time together, listening to each other, supporting each other and appreciating each other.

In 2020, our project was brought to an end right at the start by the closure of schools in connection with Covid-19, but we very much wish that we could build on it smoothly in the years to come. It makes sense.