We were housed in three buildings, earned the patronage of a prominent figure of Czech dissent and in recent years have been building our own signature image. But first from the beginning.

The history of our school began in 1991. We were the first grammar school in our region to focus on teaching foreign languages. At first we were located in the premises of the Primary School Porubská 831, but a year later we moved to Čs. exilu Street. We enrolled 120 language enthusiasts in the first year of the then only four-year high school.

The school year 2004/2005 brought fundamental changes. At the grammar school, whose capacity was increased to 600 pupils by the region, we opened a six-year educational cycle - the so-called European section, which is absolutely unique in the Czech environment. And because the increase had to go hand in hand with space, we moved to our current address - Gustav Klimenta Street. Our current building dates back to 1954, is very accessible and forms part of the luxurious first district of Poruba. Decorative elements of socialist realism give it a unique atmosphere.

The achievements of the 2004/2005 school year culminated on September 1, 2005, when our school was officially named after a personality connecting French and Czech cultural backgrounds - the journalist Pavel Tigrid. His wife, Ivana Tigridová, also attended the ceremony on 11 November 2005. Five years later, we unveiled a memorial to Pavel Tigrid in the school garden. Its rough stone surface refers to the plurality of opinions for which Tigrid fought.