German Department


Knowing German pays off in every way. That's why you can study German as a first or second foreign language (always at a four-year high school). If you want to give German your full attention, we guarantee you a level up to C1, which corresponds to a native speaker. For a second language, you will definitely get to at least B2.

German is the language of debate and business. We will teach you how to argue skilfully, show you prestigious German companies and invite you on trips to German-speaking countries. And, of course, you can take the Deutsches Sprachdiplom, the international language exam, for free.



Batková Zuzana, Mgr. / 104, 3. E German language, history

Hyllová Helena, Ing. / 124, 2. C, Head of section, coordinator of the DSD examination German language, geology

Krejčová Barbora, Mgr. / 114 German language, English language

Oborný Martin, Mgr. / 115, 4. C German language, biology

Poloková Renata, Mgr. / 111 German language

Štěpánová Petra, Mgr. / 122 German language, English language


Whether you like to compete or are aiming for a bright career, you won't get bored with German with us. We'll show you Siemens, you'll compete in reading and translation, and you'll watch German films and theatre with us. Culture goes hand in hand with practice in your studies. Our teachers regularly collaborate with prestigious organisations - for example, the Goethe Institute in Prague, the German School Abroad Centre (ZfA), the Universities of Ostrava and Opava, the Siemens Shared Services Centre in Ostrava, the National Institute of Education and others. We will teach you to use your own language potential and gain a healthy self-confidence. You can deepen your knowledge from the third year onwards in a variety of different seminars, both practical and grammatical.

And, as we said, German is a language made for passionate debate. The top competition in this field is the "Jugend debattiert", in which we regularly come top. If you make it to the national round, you combine an argumentative battle with a pleasant trip to Prague - the competition takes place in the attractive premises of the Goethe Institute, right on the banks of the Vltava River.

And if you're more practical, you can take the international German exam - Deutches Sprachdiplom (in two levels - B2 and C1). You will be tested directly by our German teachers, so there is no need to worry about foreign assessors. The exam is completely free, replaces your school-leaving certificate in German and opens the door to a promising corporate or university career.