What do we do?

The department administers a placement test for newly admitted students. The students are divided into study groups based on the test results. Thanks to intensive study of English (especially as the first foreign language) one can soon see students´ higher self-confidence in communication. Students can broaden their knowledge and enhance their language skills through reading in the original. Our English library offers over 200 remarkable books to read. The students can prepare for FCE and CAE exams in optional seminars in the last two years of study. The department offers a seminar preparing students for the school-leaving examination too.

One Canadian and eleven Czech in-house teachers willingly cooperate with an external native teacher through a programme implemented by the Regional Council. Pairs of teachers teach several English lessons per week together (the so-called tandem teaching). Moreover the department regularly invites presenters to demonstrate the possibilities of studying in English-speaking countries and organises talks with guest speakers on various appealing topics.

In addition, English learning in our school involves extra-curricular activities, especially traditional tours of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, regular participation in competitions and Olympiads, watching films and attending theatrical performances in the English language. Besides that, we carry out international projects. Currently our school is involved in an Erasmus+ project. The department also holds an annual contest in translation from Czech to English known as Překladatelský Tygr[id]. Basic school pupils as well as secondary school students participate in this individual event.

Being a language department we celebrate the European Day of Languages on 26 September. Groups of excited students visit primary schools in our city and its immediate surroundings and teach language lessons to pupils.

With such an impressive range of activities we undertake it is not at all surprising that it is an enthusiastic English teacher that administers school Instagram.