Art Competitions


The European Section of the Pavel Tigrid Language School in cooperation with the Embassy of France in the Czech Republic and the French Institute in Prague announces the 6th edition of the international art competition on the occasion of the Day of Francophonie and 100 years of the Paris Olympics (1924-2024).

Competition categories:

I. 10-14 years old (elementary school, primary school and multi-year grammar schools)

II. 15-19 years (secondary schools, secondary schools and grammar schools)

The three best works in each category will be awarded. The three best art works will be divided into two categories:

I. drawing and traditional graphics

II. painting


My favourite sport or athlete, sports legend, new sports in the Summer Olympics (skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing and breakdancing), decisive moments of matches, emotions in sports, fans, sports venues, sports equipment, clothing and jerseys. Create a poster, design your own medals, sport pictograms, commemorative stamps or coins, or capture Paris as it comes alive with the preparations and the Olympics.


Painting - tempera, watercolour, dry pastel, oil pastel, collage, animation, comics, collage - prolage, flylage, alchymage...

Drawing - coloured drawing, pen drawing, charcoal, red, pencil, marker...

Printmaking - linocut, drypoint, print from collage, monotype, can also be spatial works - ceramic, wire or paper sculpture, tracing, etc.

Works (max. in A2 format) should be sent to:

Pavel Tigrid Language School, Gustav Kliment 493/3, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba.

On the reverse side of the competition work, please write legibly the following information:

  • Category, age, author's name
  • Name and exact address of the school (contact e-mail, telephone number of the author), title of the work including the name of the building that inspired it
  • Name and surname of the teacher with whom the participant studies

Send spatial and transport-intensive artworks in the form of a high-quality photo (mobile phone is sufficient) in png or jpg format to the following e-mail address:

The deadline for the competition is 23 February 2024 (the date of receipt of the works). The winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded on 27 March 2024 at 10:00 am in the foyer of our school. An exhibition of the competition entries will be open to the public until 28 June 2024. Winners and nominees for the exhibition will be notified of their success in due course by email. A virtual gallery of winners and nominees will be posted on the school website on the day of the ceremony.

The organizers thank everyone in advance for granting the right to use the works to promote the competition. Please note that artwork physically sent to the school address will not be returned. They can only be collected in person after the exhibition closes in June 2024.

Milan Medo's painting Věra Čáslavská - Descent was used for the promotional poster.

Useful pages for the Paris Olympics:



Sport has been depicted since antiquity and especially since ancient Greece, where it is directly linked to the creation of the Olympic Games. Important artists of the 19th-20th centuries have depicted sport in their works, athletes such as T. Géricault, G. Courbet, E. Degas, H. de Toulouse-Lautrec, H. Rousseau, C. Bombois, from Czech authors such as K. Lhoták, J. Kolář, J. Koudelka and others. Some of them in a completely unconventional style of abstraction, futurism, cubism, orphism, art deco. Inspiration can also be found in contemporary caricature, photography, posters, films, stamps and banknotes. You can conceptualize sport in an unconventional, abstract, collage, prolage, fly-fishing, alchemy, form of paraphrase, exaggeration, joke, cartoon, comic, etc.


Where else but in post-industrial Ostrava should young artists claim the legacy of Gustave Eiffel? The poet of steel structures, specific techniques, ornaments and shapes has been dead for 100 years, but his buildings, often located in the most beautiful historical sites, arouse interest and inspire. We have seen this in the international art competition Poetry of Iron and are happy to share our amazing paintings, drawings and prints with you.

The competition, which we launched for the fifth time on the occasion of Francophonie Day, brought together entries from 46 schools represented by more than 2,000 pupils! Their artwork was judged

by an expert jury and 610 entries were shortlisted. Of these, 234 made it to the virtual gallery. You can view them online on our website. Around 150 of the most successful ones have been displayed in the school foyer, where they were on display until 30 May 2023 for visitors to the school and the public.

The opening of the exhibition took place on 30 March 2023 at 10:00 a.m. in the presence of the prize-winning artists, their teachers and the jury, with a video greeting from the French language attaché Eric Playout.

The jury composed of Mgr. Tereza Šimonková (Pavel Tigrid Language School), Mgr. Alena Gliwitzká, Mgr. Adéla Trusinská (Wichterl Gymnasium) and Mgr. Milan Cieslar, PhD. (Head of the Department of Art Education at PdF OU) had a hard job this year. More than 2000 contestants (the youngest were 7 and 9 years old, the oldest 19) submitted a truly huge number of works. But most of them pleasantly surprised with their originality, careful execution or interesting technique. There were so many great ones, whether in painting, graphics or drawing, that the jury decided to award 35 authors with valuable prizes. Thus, to award several 1st - 3rd places in each category.

Thank you to all those who found the courage, desire, energy and were artistically inspired by the work of Gustave Eiffel. And also to those who contributed financially this year: the Mariánské Hory and Hulváky municipal district and the Radvanice and Bartovice municipal districts. We hope that they will continue to favour us this year.


They left the studios behind, went out into the open air and confronted the permanent world of the realists with the fleetingness of the moment and the play of shades. We are talking about the Impressionists, whose iconic work, Impression - The Rising Sun, was painted by the French painter Claude Monet just 150 years ago. But how does Generation Z perceive the moments around them? -

We wanted to know, so we ran a competition - and the result absolutely blew us away. We had over 1,300 entries from 47 schools and even students from Limoges got involved! - The three-member jury, which consisted of our colleague Tereza Šimonková, an artist from Wichterl Gymnasium Alena Gliwitzká and the head of the Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Arts of the OU Milan Cieslar, had hours of difficult decisions to make. From a shortlist of 490 works, 190 pieces finally made it to the gallery. We awarded a total of 18 works and nine artefacts from our youngest participants received a special jury prize.

Thank you to all the young artists and our heartfelt congratulations to the most successful ones!

The winners of the individual categories were announced at the opening ceremony, which took place on 31 March 2022 in the foyer of our school. 

3rd Annual Art Competition – LA FONTAINE 400th BIRTH ANNIVERSARY

The Fox and the Stork, the Frog, the Hare and the Tortoise, the Lion and the Mouse... these are not fragmentary memories of the last visit to the Ostrava Zoo, but the names of famous fairy tales written for fun and education by the French writer Jean de La Fontaine. Don't you know them? Don't you remember exactly what they are about? Never mind. Maybe you'll remember them thanks to the paintings, prints or photographs in the gallery below. In fact, they were inspired by the fables and were created to illustrate them. And if that doesn't help, stand in front of the mirror and try to look at yourself from a distance and cheerfully for a while. Liken every body part, feature or little thing to an animal. Do you have an eagle nose? A wolf's gaze? A bear walk? A fox's caution and cunning? Do you carry yourself like a peacock? Don't break the mirror! Sit down and read. Let your imagination work for a while, or paint. Or see how your peers have dealt with fairy tales:


Neither Asterix's cleverness nor Obelix's strength was enough to overcome government measures and the insidious coronavirus. The exhibition of pictures painted on the occasion of the 60th birthday of this popular comic duo as part of the so-called Francophonie Day did not attract much attention in the corridors of our school. The opening was strange and without famous guests - Gérard Depardieu did not come as the most famous Obelix, our cat Pavlína did not see the legendary Gallic dog Dogmatix, but the creator of the immortal characters, French cartoonist Albert Uderzo, left us unexpectedly. Since we have been stuck at home for several months, we have not been able to meet and have fun over your creations, which still decorate the corridors of our school. Well, what the...

Fortunately, the virtual space of ones and zeros allows us to make things right. It would be a shame to let your work fall by the wayside. After all, around 500 entries from six Ostrava schools were submitted to the competition! All the creations were interesting. Sometimes by idea, sometimes by technique. Some of you tried linocut, others tried drawing on a tablet, there was even ceramics. We gave away 15 prizes, but we also displayed other interesting and inspiring works that showed that young artists simply love comics. Hopefully they will cheer you up even at a distance like this.

Down with the Romans! Long live the brave Gauls! Only Getafix's miracle potion will guarantee health and strength. Available in every Gaulish pharmacy.